The Hillywood Show: GEEK Chats With the Creators of the Doctor Who Parody

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The Hillywood Show is known for their satire sketches, character impersonations, and song and dance parodies – but it’s their send up of the 10th Doctor Who and his array of companions to The Rocky Horror Picture Show's "Time Warp" that’s causing an internet buzz.

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The brainchild of sister duo and internet celebs Hilly & Hannah Hindi, each parody highlights box office successes like Pirates of the Carribean and Harry Potter as well as television figures and shows such as Lady Gaga and The Vampire Diaries.

Their extraordinary costumes and makeup, along with painstaking recreation of fan-favorite scenes, have garnered them nearly 100-million views on their YouTube channel. Hilly is usually the lead, but this writer believes Hannah’s impersonation of Donna Noble is the star of this effort.

GEEK: What spurred your interest in parodies? How did you get started?

H&HH: The Hillywood Show began in 2006 as a contest entry through AOL RED. We placed third out of 100-thousand submissions!  We then had fans begin to send us emails asking us to continue the show; we’re drawn to music and movies that inspire us, so it became a perfect marriage between the two.

[Fifteen webisodes and several film parodies later, the Show’s popularity soared with a Twilight parody that was viewed (and shared) over 7 million times by the fandom. To date, the Doctor Who parody has been viewed by over 844 thousand Whovians.]

What’s something fans don’t know about you?

We do everything on our own. Everything you see in our parodies was prepared by us and created by us. We script, edit, film, cast, costume design, makeup, location scout, and provide set design. Two sisters from Las Vegas, NV creating everything with just one camera.

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Which parody has been your favorite so far?

The Doctor Who parody. It was a challenge to prepare and shoot, but we loved how it turned out!

How do you decide who to parody? Are you actual fans of each of the pop culture references you put in the spotlight?

Yes, we are fans of everything we parody. That’s what makes it so important to us – we pay attention to details that the audience wants to see from that (usually) teen/young adult fandom.

The makeup and costuming in your features is extraordinary. What’s your process for making it as realistic and professional as possible?

Lots of preparation with makeup tests, studying photos, and video. We learn a lot from early makeup tests.

Who would you like to work with or parody next?

We have so many ideas swimming in our heads that it’s hard to say, exactly. Some things we would love to parody are BBC’s Sherlock, Lord of the Rings, Maleficent, and Catching Fire. We are currently touring in the US and out of the country for the summer at different cons. We can’t wait to meet our fans!

Which Hillywood Show production is your favorite? What would you like to see them do next? Sound off on the GEEK Facebook page, or add your comments below.

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