The Legend of Conan Makes Its Cannes Debut with Promotional Image

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Cannes is the film festival where movies get the glitzy, French Riviera treatment. This year that includes a film which already has a bit of a cult following even though it hasn't even been made yet. That movie is none other than King Conan AKA The Legend of Conan.

The Legend of Conan is something that the diehard Conan fans would love to see, but the road towards production is still a bit rocky. The film is supposed to go into production through Paradox Entertainment and Chris Morgan Productions later in 2014 after Terminator: Genesis, according to JoBlo. But the film, which will be released through Universal, is looking to get some more backers, hence the visit to Cannes. Universal is trying hard to work the investor pool at Cannes and in an effort to get the people with money on their side, there’s been a reveal of some really interesting artwork.

The promotional image features Arnold Schwarzenegger as an older version of his popular character. Clearly, as stated in the title, Conan is a king now and one can assume that if the film gets made and its fans get to see it, Conan could be facing some trials and tribulations (as shown by what seems to be blood splatters on his face) while dealing with his time as an elder ruler. That’s just a stab at the plot, though – none of this is official. In any case, the artwork, even though it’s an early piece, gives a good look at just what type of movie the fans and backers could be getting.

Cannes Legend of Conan Promo Poster The Legend of Conan Makes Its Cannes Debut with Promotional Image

Even though the production companies are still trying to get the film off the ground, it would seem that the wind is behind King Conan. Universal wants to see this film get made and a ton of fans are ready for cameras to roll as well.

However, as The Nerdist points out, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been in some films that have shown that he’s not the action star he used to be. So one has to wonder if Schwarzenegger can even be the Conan people expect him to be. Another way of saying it is can Schwarzenegger be the Conan he was in years past? That question remains to be seen.

What do you think about the possibility of The Legend of Conan? Discuss it below in the comments section.

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