The LEGO Movie Videogame: A GEEK Video Game Review

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The LEGO video game formula has yielded excellent results thus far.

The instant charm that emanates from Traveller’s Tales’ line of LEGO titles has given us Marvel superhero adventures, magical romps with Harry Potter, and galactic clashes in the Star Wars universe. Those famous yellow bricks have become so popular that a whole movie was created in dedication to them.

With a new blockbuster movie comes one definite thing – a new video game based on said movie. The LEGO Movie Videogame strays far away from the bad company that other lackluster movie video games provide, plus it retains the lovable LEGO gameplay we all know so well.

Just like the other LEGO games on the market, a true appreciation for the LEGO universe can be seen front and center. Each of the characters you’ll control and encounter exhibit the animations expected of a moving LEGO figurine. If you’ve seen the movie, then you’ll know and appreciate that facet. The buildings, cities and other familiar worlds from the film mimic the quality construction of a master LEGO set. Everyone and everything is made purely out of LEGO bricks, which works 100% in the visual department.

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If you’ve played one LEGO game, then the formula that makes up the bulk of this latest romp will seem formulaic to you. You’ll control all types of different characters and tackle many simple missions. Unlocking new characters will lead to new skills being unlocked, which in turn leads to you discovering new areas thanks to those useful skills. You’ll smash objects then rebuild them for later use. A few new scenarios freshen up the gameplay at times. There are simple “pick the correct LEGO piece” puzzles that pop up when it comes time to build something grand. A cool free falling section from the film makes its playable form here, which is a nice welcome change to the running and smashing. The LEGO game mechanics still work, but they show their age at times in this movie adventure.

There’s a good amount of levels to play here, which should provide the necessary amount of co-op game time for you and a dedicated LEGO lover. Each world is beautifully animated and ripe with secrets to uncover. There’s a lot to do, but seasoned gamers will complete it all without much of a challenge. This LEGO game seems a bit more easier to conquer than past releases, since there are even more clear cut mission markers and easy objectives. It won’t take too long for veteran players to beat the game, locate the Red Bricks and unlock the rest of The LEGO Movie roster.

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This latest LEGO game is easy enough, but the charming visuals and cute audio will keep you enthralled as you run through each mission unscathed. “Everything is Awesome” pops up frequently (it plays during a memorable dance party sequence) and you’ll never grow tired of hearing it. Many of the movie’s voice actors reprise their roles here, which is a nice touch for those who saw the film. Speaking of the film, go see it before you play this game. Your experience will be all the better for it.

The LEGO Movie Videogame simply works. It stays with the gameplay formula that fans have grown accustomed to and throws in a few new instances to change up the experience. What makes this one of the least memorable LEGO games out there is the even lower difficulty and somewhat short length. Even with all that, you and a partner will still get a kick out of this fully realized LEGO world and its brick-tastic adventures.

Rating: 75%

Images: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Traveller’s Tales

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