The New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Shows Electro REALLY Hates Times Square

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The latest The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer is out and there's a lot of damage going around New York City in this one.

Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) lives a charmed life. He’s got the girl in Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). He’s a teenager in New York City. He’s also the coolest superhero around as he suits up as Spider-Man, who has gained a following in NYC. Unfortunately, things can’t always be perfect. There are secrets abound, whether they are from his Aunt May (Sally Field) about his father, or Oscorp spying on him and his family, or how Oscorp and its elusive leader Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper) plans to change the world. The latest trailer takes a small look at all of that with a bit of emphasis on what Electro (Jamie Foxx) is capable of.

Granted, this might be what seems like the 8th different trailer released in the last month for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but it does definitely show off how visually amazing this is turning out to be. We definitely see a bit more of Electro in action in Times Square. Obviously Electro increases his power by feeding off  electrical current, and with the amount of electricity that runs through Times Square in Manhattan, this would be the logical large set piece for the movie. The amount of damage he does to that iconic tourist attraction is just stunning as you watch the trailer.

We also get to see a bit more into the relationship between Gwen and Peter and how being Spider-Man might affect them going through the movie. Of course, we also see more glimpses of the Green Goblin flying around, probably causing trouble for the web-slinger.

amazing spider man 2 gwen 600x322 The New Amazing Spider Man 2 Trailer Shows Electro REALLY Hates Times Square

We only have a few months until the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which comes out on May 2nd, 2014 so it looks like the summer movie season is fast approaching. What did you guys think of the new trailer? Are you excited for this movie? Be sure to comment below or on our GEEK Facebook with your thoughts!

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