The One Expected Party – The Hobbit Oscar Night Event

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On Oscar night, hobbits, elves, dwarves, men and women came together for The One Expected Party, hosted by (aka TORn). Everyone got to watch the show live on a big screen inside the American Legion Post 43’s theater in Hollywood. In previous years, TORn has organized the Oscar parties during the years that the Lord of the Rings films were released in theaters. They were famously attended by the cast members, including Sir Ian McKellan (Gandalf) and, when Return of the King took eleven golden statues home in 2004, even the films' director, Peter Jackson, stopped by.

On this particular night, the production crew from The Hobbit and representatives from WETA stopped by the party to thank the fans personally. These parties give the people who help create the film a chance to mingle with the fans.

After the award show, the audience stomped their feet to the beat of the folk music-rock band, the Emerald Rose, and then was serenaded by the soothing Renaissance inspired music of Dorian Mirth. Charles Ross, the One Man Lord of the Rings also gave a very funny performance and reenacted the entirety of The Fellowship of the Rings movie by himself. Have you ever seen one man play the part of Galadriel and Gimli all in one breath?

The party lasted late into the night and ended with a performance by Billy Boyd’s (Pippin) band, Beecake, with several special guests. Beecake put on an astounding performance with Boyd on the vocals. The crowd cheered the most when Dominic Monaghan (Merry) got on the microphone and sang two cover songs (Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl and The Beatles’ Come Together). The hobbit duo entertained the crowd with their hilarious antics on the main stage and made sure the night ended on a very high note for everyone, even if The Hobbit didn’t take home any big awards.

In all, it was a memorable and fun night for Tolkien fans. Check out our photos from the event…

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