The OverDrive – A Transforming Flying Car

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For only $250,000, you can fund the OverDrive - the first transforming flying car.

Did you ever dream of a flying car as a kid? Did Back To The Future II make you want to soar through the clouds? Well you’re in luck, as LaBiche Automotive have taken to Kickstarter to fund the completion of their prototype flying car.

Dubbed the OverDrive, the vehicle will allow drivers to seamlessly switch between driving on a road to flying high in the sky. With a push of a button, a series of wings spring out from within the body of the car, as a rear mounted propellor pushes it skyward. With a targeted 250 MPH top flying speed, you’ll be able zip across country in no time.

prototypes 600x450 The OverDrive  A Transforming Flying Car

Scale Models [via Kickstarter]

So far LaBiche Automotive have already successfully tested a scale model of the plane, and have begun building the full sized car. The $250,000 they hope to raise will go towards completing this prototype. If they raise more than they asked for, then they’ll begin the FAA certification process and start touring the car across the country.

But wait, you ask, won’t this fill the sky with dangerous people who don’t know how to fly? Well, to fly the car you’ll have to obtain a private pilots license which requires 40 hours of training. You won’t just be able to take off in the middle of the street either, but will have to use a local air strip to take flight.

All that said, the project has raised a stunning… $648 so far. If you have a spare $249,352 kicking around, you only have 19 days to donate to the OverDrive project. And hey, that $10,000 prize tier will let you actually fly in the thing. Get donating folks!

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