The Raid 2: Berendal Full Length Trailer!

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Action aficionados have been waiting with bated breaths for the upcoming sequel to The Raid: Redemption.

Hopefully this full length trailer for The Raid 2: Berendal will hold them over until the movie hits the big screen. The new films picks up with hero Rama going undercover in a ruthless Jakartan crime syndicate where the game is rough and the price could be his life. We’re likely to be treated to a variety of the most brutal hoodlums the streets of Jakarta have to offer

creditxyzfilms1 The Raid 2: Berendal Full Length Trailer!

The first half of the trailer explain that Rama cannot just simply walk away from the events of the previous movie, and that in order for him to stay alive and keep his family safe he must go undercover and get close to the son of one of the cities biggest crime lords who is currently in jail. What follows is a high octane montage of car chases, gang fights, prison riots, and bone crunching Pencak Silat moves that will make your hear spin and your mouth water. The end of the trailer shows Rama and another black clad villain squaring off like gunfighters of old and they maneuver into position. The final tag line: It isn’t over.

Its clear that director Gareth Evans and Indonesian Pencak silat maestro Iko Uwais are at the top of their game here with the fruits of their three film collaboration bearing a delicious fruit that Martial arts movie fans will gobble up. Curiously enough the Raid 2 was supposed to be the first movie in the series, but budget constraints forced Evans to use another story for the first film. Its nice to see the original material resurrected in what should be a great fists to the wall kind of movie.

The Raid: Redemption with its budget of 1 million grossed over 15 million worldwide. The Raid 2: Berendal will land in theaters on March 28 2014.

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