The Revolutionary XStat Sponge Syringe Plugs Wounds in 15 Seconds

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With emergency medical procedures, every second counts, especially when it comes to saving a life.

So limiting the amount of items needed in certain emergency situations is always going to be an advantage. That’s why the patent pending device created by RevMedX is so incredible. It is one small device and it can fill a wound in just 15 seconds. This is the XStat Dressing device.

RevMedX certainly has a plan in mind for the future.

The Oregon based RevMedx is a company dedicated to saving lives by creating groundbreaking medical products designed specifically for combat medics and civilian first responders. Our current efforts are focused on controlling hemorrhage in prehospital settings. We are developing a portfolio of wound dressings and bandages that we believe will revolutionize the treatment of traumatic bleeding.

They have already created the XGauze Trauma Dressing (which has mini-sponges that expand when blood hits them) and AirWrap (a compression blanket which has a bladder that gives the correct amount of pressure to a wound) which are available for use right now and are incredible in their own right.

XStat 30 Syringe airwrap The Revolutionary XStat Sponge Syringe Plugs Wounds in 15 Seconds

It’s with the new Xstat Dressing they have invented that things really start to get interesting. The way it works is quite simple. It is basically a syringe which shoots out sponges into the wound they are injected into. The sponges look a little bit like little pills. What they do when they enter the wound is very similar to the XGauze. They expand, which fills up the wound and also helps with the clotting process. The sponges themselves have a haemostatic (which stops bleeding) agent. The use of these sponges means no pressure is needed to be placed while they fill in the wound. This is only meant to be a temporary measure to ensure the wounded person can get to a place of medical assistance. The sponges need to be removed obviously, so that is why they are coated with radiopaque marker. This means they can be spotted on X-Ray. The details of the design of the device is below.

XStat 30 Syringe how it works The Revolutionary XStat Sponge Syringe Plugs Wounds in 15 Seconds

The compact XStat-30 applicator includes a telescoping handle and a sealed valve tip. The telescoping mechanism allows the handle to be stored in a shortened state to maximize compactness.  The applicator tip is designed to prevent fluid ingress and minimize the risk of premature sponge expansion.

The XStat-12 applicator is designed to treat narrow wound tracks. The single-use device consists of a cylindrical applicator body with a frangible tip and a detachable plunger. The applicator body includes a finger flange with snap-fit features to secure multiple devices for low-profile packaging and storage.

XStat 30 Syringe how it works 2 The Revolutionary XStat Sponge Syringe Plugs Wounds in 15 Seconds

It’s sort of like when the Predator uses a small medi kit on himself which, like the XStat, seems to fill up and seal his wound. Now that was a liquid gel and not a syringe, but never the less the XStat works in a very similar way and takes us that much closer to the possibility of each one of us having a small medi kit of our own. I doubt that RevMedX had the movie in mind when they invented this, but it is interesting how more and more devices seen in movies appear in some form in our everyday lives. It all depends on if the patent is approved, but with two devices from the same company already out in the marketplace focusing on similar medical problems, this could be a great step forward for medical science.

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