The Simpsons Go Lego On May 4 and Now There’s a Promo

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"Kiss my flat, plastic butt," Homer Simpson says as he shakes his LEGO-ized behind in the first promotional spot for The Simpsons: LEGO Spectacular.

The episode, actually titled “Brick Like Me” is scheduled to air on May 4. Hopefully, this won’t interfere with Game of Thrones viewing or Star Wars Day celebrations, since it looks like a fun episode.

The clip is short, extremely so, and follows a Fat Tony-centric promo for this Sunday’s episode (with an appearance from Duffman). In the May 4 teaser, we see LEGO Homer look into a mirror and see a reflection of animated Homer, which ties into the description of the episode as one where the cartoon dad is trapped in a LEGO block world. It looks like our hero may have some trouble adapting to his new surroundings, as Homer is seen spilling a pitcher of beer. Plus, Springfield Elementary School is in a state of collapse. Literally.

The episode comes after the start of a major merchandise collaboration between the Denmark-based toy company and the long running U.S. television series. Back in January, LEGO Group announced a partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products with the goal of releasing new toys based on The Simpsons. The first release, the Simpsons’ family home has already hit the market. The impressive set features a 3D rendition of the house that has been a part of our TV lives for a quarter of a century. It also comes with mini-figures of the family and neighbor Ned Flanders, plus some accessories that will also function as inside jokes for regular TV viewers. It sells for $199.99 through LEGO Shop. This May, LEGO will release 16 LEGO The Simpsons mini-figures.

The LEGO-Simpsons collaboration comes at an exciting time for both parties. The LEGO Movie, released in February, was a box office success. To date, it’s brought in over $252 million domestically. It also earned excellent reviews, thus breathing new life into an old staple of childhood toy boxes. Meanwhile, The Simpsons is celebrating it’s 25th season on the air and that has come with some major announcements too. Just a few weeks ago, news came that the animated series would be syndicated on FXX and that the new-ish cable network planned to rekindle some Simpsons mania with a 12-day marathon of the series. That, however, will not be happening until later this summer.

According to a recent report from TV Guide, this endeavor has been in the works for a couple years now, when a pitch for a couch gag turned into a full episode. The article notes that this is the series’ costliest episode and that the team has been working on it for two years. The project also needed approval from LEGO. It is said in the TV Guide story that episode will be “tamer” than normal, in keeping with LEGO’s kid-friendly brand. How that will fare amongst the show’s longtime– perhaps lifelong– fans remains to be seen. We still have more than a week to go before the LEGO episode unfolds on the television screen.

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