The Simpsons: Entire Series Available for Streaming on FXNOW!

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Run out of things to binge watch? Well, worry not, FXNOW is here to help.

FX Networks (Better known as Fox) will be debuting their new “TV Everywhere” app, and they are celebrating by releasing the entire run of their savior show…The Simpsons.

Street artist Banksy’s take on the opening sequence. The Simpsons love to push the limits, even if it means mocking themselves.

That’s right, kids, all 530 episodes, in all their orange, yellow  and green glory will be yours to watch, for hours on end….mmmmm, Simpsons. For those not in the know, The Simpsons is far more than a brightly colored cartoon, it is the longest running american sitcom, the longest running animated series and in 2009 beat out Gunsmoke as the longest running american scripted prime time show, which means you shouldn’t run out of episodes anytime soon.

Much like HBOGo, the movie networks go-to app for viewing on any platform, the FXNOW app will only be available to authenticated customers who are paid subscribers on one of the participating cable providers. Currently this list includes AT&T Uverse, Comcast, WOW and Cablevision’s Optimum TV, with a longer list promised in 2015 once contracts are negotiated. So far the watch now lists includes a number of the FX networks (FX, FXM, and FXX) other popular shows Sons of Anarchy, Justified, The Americans, Archer, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia and the always hilarious The League.

excellent The Simpsons: Entire Series Available for Streaming on FXNOW!

If 24 seasons of The Simpsons isn’t enough to keep you busy all year while you await the addition of other shows and new movies to the FX roster, FX will release season 25 right around the same time season 26 premiers on the network, so you won’t be too far behind if you’ve never seen the show. Although, if you haven’t ever seen an episode of The Simpsons, you may have other concerns, such as getting out of the cave in which you have been trapped.

Fans can access the show, and other Fox content, via FXNETWORKS website, the IOS (Ipad, iPhone) app, XBOX ONE and Windows 8 desktop and tablets. Apps for Android, XBOX 360, RoKu, and Samsung platforms (including web enable TV’s) are set to launch spring of this year. Now, I’m off to get some strawberry, chocolate, vanilla Ice cream. MMMMM…Chocolate.

Image: 20th Century Fox

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