The Superior Spider-Man’s Identity Has Been Leaked! *SPOILERS*

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SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses events leaked from Amazing Spider-Man #700

The weeks of waiting are finally over, and the question fans have been asking has been answered. Just who is the Superior Spider-Man? We discussed this very question a couple of weeks ago, and with the recently leaked ending of the final issue of Amazing Spider-Man we have finally learned the truth. Before we move forward with this revelation, I do want to say that I feel it is a bit of a shame the ending that Dan Slott and Marvel have been working hard at keeping under wraps has been leaked prematurely. Amazing Spider-Man #700 isn’t set to be released until Dec. 26th, and I for one would have been content to wait for the news. So I really can’t stress how important it is to stop reading if you don’t want it ruined. This will be your final SPOILER ALERT.

So as leaked earlier this week, the climax of #700, the final part of the Dying Wish storyline, we see the devastating loss of Peter Parker, whose mind has been trapped in the dying body of Doctor Octopus. This of course leaves the mind of Doc Ock inhabiting the body of Peter Parker, and enjoying his new lease on life. When Doc Ock’s body finally gives up, we are left with the death of Peter Parker as we know him, in a very unfitting way. I think most fans expect a death like this to have a bit more meaning, more sacrifice, and more of an impact on the world around him. A death worthy of one of the greatest heroes of the Marvel Universe.

the superior spider mans identity has been leaked amazing cover The Superior Spider Mans Identity Has Been Leaked! *SPOILERS*

Instead we see him as a victim of the villain who has skyrocketed to the top of Spidey’s rogue gallery, overtaking the Green Goblin as his arch nemesis (at least in my eyes). This also finally reveals who will be wearing the webs when January’s The Superior Spider-Man #1 is released. Doc Ock has all the memories of Peter, so we will see him replacing the character we’ve known and loved for over 50 years with nobody else the wiser. The rest of the supporting cast will remain on the book, as Ock places himself in the shoes of his old enemy, and works on becoming a better Spider-Man than Peter ever was, as inferred by the title of the series.

the superior spider mans identity has been leaked dan slott The Superior Spider Mans Identity Has Been Leaked! *SPOILERS*While I don’t fear for the title and am as interested as I have ever been, I know I will probably be in the minority. In fact, some fans have already taken it to the extreme by sending death threats to Dan Slott, who has drastically changed the world of Spidey since he started on the book. When press for this status altering event began months ago, Slott himself jokingly said he would have to go in to hiding after #700 was released, for fear of the fan reaction. Some of the threats have been so severe Slott has even had to involve the authorities and warned users of social media that he would be responding with legal action to any extreme threats.

I think I speak for most of my fellow fans when I say this behavior is unbecoming and unnecessary, and casts a poor image of comic fans around the world. While this may be a very extreme plot device and will probably carry the Spidey titles for the next few years, as any fan of comics can attest to it probably won’t be a permanent change to the Spidey titles, despite feeling pretty final at the moment. It does also open numerous avenues of storytelling, and takes all the good Spidey has been doing for the last few years as a card carrying member of the Avengers, the FF, and his work as Peter at Horizon Labs and effectively turns it inside out and sideways.

So with that being said, I applaud Dan Slott for shaking up the Spidey world, and I am genuinely looking forward to the next generation of Spider-Man. I also promise not to send any death threats after I legitimately read my copy of Amazing Spider-Man #700. Why no, my fingers weren’t crossed..

the superior spider mans identity has been leaked spidey The Superior Spider Mans Identity Has Been Leaked! *SPOILERS*

So what do you think of this big reveal? Are events like this worth the shakeup in the stories of our favorite characters? How do you feel about the ending being leaked early?

Let us know in the comments below!

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