The Terminator Returns to TV

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Fans of killer cyborgs from the future are about to be really happy; The Terminator is making a return to the small screen with a new series that promises a fresh take on the nearly 30 year old franchise.

Skydance Productions and Annapurna Pictures have joined forces to produce a new Terminator television series with writers Zack StentzĀ (X-men: First Class) and Ashley MillerĀ (Thor). Stentz and Miller also worked as writers and producers on Fox’s The Sarah Connor Chronicles which ran from 2008-2009. The series received a somewhat lukewarm reception and was cancelled after only two seasons. Now what gives this particular news teeth is the fact that Paramount and the aforementioned companies have been working on a big screen reboot of the franchise that is scheduled to hit theaters in the summer of 2015.

Not much is known in the way of which characters or what kind of storyline will be involved, except that it will be based on some of the events in the original 1984 film and is supposed to assist in creating a “fresh take” on the series.

the terminator 19841 The Terminator Returns to TV

With a film reboot of the franchise in the works, there is currently no time frame for when the new series will debut which might also raise the question that wouldn’t it make more sense for the TV show to follow the 2015 reboot? Also if the series makes it to the small screen first if it will have any impact on the movie? One would hope that in this age of crossover and world building that the producers have something up their sleeves. One thing is for certain; the prospect of Skynet’s evil plans threatening the survival of the human race on the small screen is cause for serious celebration.

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