The Trailer Project Reimagines Our Favorite Films Like Alien, The Big Lebowski, Psycho & More!

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We all love trailers. The gentle unfolding of a teaser trailer or the mind blowing elements of a fully formed trailer excites us and leaves us waiting on the edge of our seats.

Recently another take on some classic trailers have been used to great effect, usually to change the appearance of an already established movie and really twist it on its head. You can turn Mary Poppins from an all singing, all dancing family friendly film into something much darker, all with a few tweaks and changes.

You can also completely re-imagine your favorite movies and remake them, creating new works of video art along the way. This is what the Trailer Project is all about. Part of The Animation Workshop - a University College site based in Sweden with International ties – a student based work shop where the main goal is to recreate the students favorite movies in trailers in new and interesting ways.

What they came up with is a varied selection of movies you know and and love, remade into something just as refreshing as the original films. In total there are 19 great videos that we highly recommend, but here are a few that really caught our eye.


The Big Lebowski

The Shining





The Graduate

These videos are truly inventive, and it is great to see the original movie sometimes completely flipped and made something just as exciting to watch. E.T. works surprisingly well as a horror movie, while Psycho makes a superb comedy. Here is hoping this list gets expanded on in the near future.

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