The Walking Dead: More Footage From the Back Half of Season 4

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As February 9 approaches, AMC continues to tease the return of The Walking Dead.

To follow up the previously released trailer for the fourth season’s back half, AMC has now put out this four-minute video taking a look at how the events of the last episode will effect the now fractured group.

For those who read the comics, the groups flight from the prison was one of the most jarring moments of the series. Just like in the books you see Rick and Carl off on their own, but unlike the books, they weren’t just forced to watch Lori and Judith cut down by machine gun fire, which was brutal.

Rick and Carl Leave Prison 600x372 The Walking Dead: More Footage From the Back Half of Season 4

The rest of the group is totally split. Unlike in the comics, when Andrea and Dale play an important role in the survival of those who escape, AMC has already killed off those characters. Now we have Tyresse (who was killed in the comics during this very attack) alive with the girls. Glenn and Maggie are separated, Herschel dead, Carol exiled, and the rest of the group spread in every direction. In the books, this is the point where Rick really started to crack and begin getting phone calls from his dead wife, but now with the timeline changed we’re curious to see where they go next.

The show returns to AMC on Feb. 9 and things are only gonna get harder for the group…

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