The Walking Dead Promo: 4.16 – “A”

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The Walking Dead returns next week with their season four finale titled "A" and we've got your first look at the new episode!

While perhaps not as emotionally shocking and draining as “The Grove,”  this week’s episode titled “Us” did not disappoint. Glen and Maggie finally have their reunion while Daryl gathers up his rag tag group. But now it is time to look towards the season finale and like the poster for the finale, ask ourselves, “who will survive?”

Walking Dead Terminus 600x878 The Walking Dead Promo: 4.16  A

With Terminus not appearing in the The Walking Dead comics anywhere, viewers who might in the past have had a heads up to what might be coming, are truly in the dark with this season finale. Thankfully, as they are apt to do, AMC has released both a promo and a sneak peek at “A”.

A week seems like such a long time to wait so to pass the time, I personally like to amuse myself with various The Walking Dead items found on popular craft site, etsy. It rarely disappoints and this week was no different.

Artist MikeGoesGeek has quite a few Adventure Time mashups but this one is probably my favorite. The Earl of Lemongrab as The Governor? Come on now, that’s priceless.

Excuse me, I need a moment. Never before did I realize I needed a Lego version of Michonne with two walkers on chains so badly. BresBitsNPieces has painted these and I daresay they are the most badass Lego characters to pop up on my computer today.

Nothing says “purchase me immediately” than Rick Grimes and fan-favorite, Daryl Dixon (of course played by a former GEEK cover story subject, Norman Reedus) done up in bead art. Love the little details like Rick’s Sheriff star and Daryl’s ever-present crossbow.

So what say you? Have a lead on some good The Walking Dead merchandise we just have to check out? Pretty sure you know what’s going to happen with Terminus in the season finale? Got an idea as to who might not be making it out of the finale alive? Let us know down in the comments below or, as always, on the GEEK Facebook page!

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