The Walking Dead 4.15 Promo: “Us”

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You may not have recovered from "The Grove" but The Walking Dead is moving right along with episode 15 titled "Us".

The reaction to “The Grove” across social media was swift and emotional.

While the viewers might need some downtime to try and gather their thoughts and restock on kleenex, The Walking Dead stops for no man, nor emotional breakdown. Nope, they are already bracing us for another episode with both a promo and a sneak peek at this week’s episode, “Us”.

Surely I’m not alone in still not being able to see Michael Cudlitz and not immediately thinking of Officer John Cooper of SouthLAnd. Right? Anyways, Cudlitz is fitting in quite nicely on The Walking Dead as Sgt. Abraham Ford and it looks like “Us” will have a healthy dose of Mr. Cudlitz.

So… are you ready for “Us” or are you still experiencing repercussions of “The Grove”? Either way, #lookattheflowers will never mean the same thing again.

Only two episodes left!!

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