The Witcher 3 Will Almost Max Out Xbox One & PS4

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Polish developer CD Projekt RED says the newest Witcher game uses almost the entire processing power of nex-gen consoles.

In a recent interview with IGN, CD Projekt’s CEO Marcin Iwinski claimed The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt already pushes the Xbox One and PS4 to their limits, despite the fact the new consoles will have only been out less than a year by the game’s launch.

“[Development] is extremely manageable. There is a lot of power in these machines, and I don’t want to say we’re using them to their capacity, but we’re fairly close to doing so. We made a decision to go next-gen roughly two and a half years ago, so we’ve spent a lot of time with these machines.”

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While it’s incredibly early to be hitting the ceiling with Microsoft and Sony’s brand new hardware, it’s not difficult see where the push is coming from; in the same interview, Iwinski confirmed at least 36 different endings for the game and anywhere from 50 to 120 hours of gameplay. Yet even with such a massive scope, Witcher 3 is doing away with the usual padding and repetition:

“In The Witcher 3 you won’t have generic Fed Ex-like quests where you have to go here, fetch something, and then deliver it to someone else. Of course, you will have orders or side-quests to kill beasts, but we’re trying to put a unique spin on every single quest.”

Those beast-killing side-quests might not be as minor as you think, either. Fans of the series who were disappointed with lack of monster hunting in the second Witcher should have a lot to look forward to in The Wild Hunt.

“It’s funny, because in The Witcher 2, Geralt got so involved in the world of politics and wars that we kind of forgot he was a monster hunter [...] You’ll see we have a whole system of tracking monsters using special Witcher senses. You will also be able to refer to our in-depth Bestiary that will be populated as you find out more about a monster through the story or side-quests. You can then use that information to pinpoint their weaknesses, and fight them more effectively. So yes, the monster hunting bit will be an important part of the game”

RPGs to date have always been forced to sacrifice gameplay variety and immersion for scale, but CD Projekt RED may have finally moved past that with The Witcher 3. Based on their claims, The Wild Hunt will keep players busy for hundreds of hours without having to resort to stale fetch quests, sparsely populated environments or uninspired design choices. We’ll have to wait and see if CD Projekt can deliver on all their promises, but for now what little we’ve been shown of The Witcher 3‘s gameplay already has our mouths watering.

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt launches later this year.

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