There’s a 12-Day Simpsons Marathon Coming This Summer

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You've sat through holiday sessions of of Twilight Zone viewing. You've watched Star Wars Episodes IV-VI back-to-back-to-back. Let's not even get started on the seasons of 24, Breaking Bad, Mad Men or numerous other television shows that you've binged watched since the advent of Netflix Instant. Still, do you think you can handle twelve straight days of The Simpsons? Think about that now because it's coming.

Cable network FXX recently announced that they will be showing off their major acquisition– that’s syndication rights for The Simpsons– with the ultimate TV marathon. Variety reports that the The Simpsons will air for twelve days in August. The exact dates haven’t been announced, so don’t put in your vacation time just yet.

The Simpsons marathon is symbolic of a monumental deal said to be over $750 million. Vulture has been reporting on the happenings since November of 2013. In August, FXX will be able to air the first 24 seasons of the series. This is a big deal for the basic cable station. FXX, which is a sister station of FX and part of Fox Entertainment Group, launched last September. It’s still a baby in the cable market and it landed a major score. As Vulture points out, while The Simpsons has been in syndication for a very long time and is available on plenty of local channels, this is the first time it will be syndicated for cable.

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Moreover, this is also an online streaming deal. Originally, the reported plan was to bring The Simpsons to the FXNOW app. However, Variety reported yesterday that there will be a new app dedicated to the show that should hit mobile devices soon. The name of the app isn’t confirmed. So far, we haven’t found any reports that note whether or not the app will only be available to cable subscribers, which Vulture noted in November was the FXNow model. The Simpsons is not available for streaming through platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Selected episodes from the current season are available to view on Fox’s official website for the show.

Now that all the details are out of the way, it’s time to ask the important questions. Will the episodes be airing in order? Can we gauge the schedule enough to skip the seasons we never want to re-watch? Will even the biggest Simpsons fans get bored after the first few days of virtually living in Springfield?

With well over 500 episodes of The Simpsons under its belt so far, there’s no shortage of ways to pass the time during a marathon. You can count the number of times Homer says “D’oh” during a single episode. You can makes lists of the 100 best lines Bart scrawled on the chalkboard. You can try to pinpoint the exact moment you think the show jumped the shark, if you are amongst those who are convinced that it has. Heck, if you wanted to have a nearly two-week Simpsons nerdfest with your friends, there are party games to last for days. Just don’t forget the Lard Lad donuts…

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