A Fantastic Fear of Everything: Things Get Weird in Simon Pegg’s New Black Comedy Trailer

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Best known for his own quirky works Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and most recently The Worlds End, Simon Pegg's most recent US release, A Fantastic Fear of Everything may have you leaving the lights on.

The film, released in the UK in 2012 to mixed reviews, follows struggling writer Jack as he tries to dive into the deep end of serious writing, immersing himself in his research for a book called “Decades of Death” about a series of grizzly Victorian Era murders. The deeper he dives into the darker side of humanity, they more paranoid he becomes. When a big time producer becomes interested, Jack begins to unravel, believing his good fortune to be part of an elaborate plot that he believes will end with his death.

British critics and the voices on Rotten Tomatoes have been rather harsh in their reviews, though the film and Pegg do have their supporters. US movie-goers will be able to make up their own minds when the film hits theaters on February 7th, though it is touted as being a limited engagement. Directed by UK Indie Rock star Crispian Mills, the film may be just the right kind of funky for stateside fans.

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