This Sailor Moon Episode Is Nothing Like You’ve Ever Seen Before

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Can't get enough of the latest episode of Sailor Moon Crystal? Watch a classic episode of Sailor Moon, animated by 250 different talented artists.

This episode of Sailor Moon may sound familiar, utilizing the classic dub soundtrack, voices, and script, but it’s a completely different beast. It’s actually part of the Moon Animate Make-Up project, which started back in October.

It collects snippets of animation from 250 different artists to weave together a gorgeously-animated and occasionally hilarious take on the episode “Fractious Friends,” retitled “Fractious Frames” in reference to the different artists and individual frames that had to be created in tandem with each other. Honestly, they couldn’t have picked a better episode to reinvent. It’s one of the original episodes with a bit of a strange story arc, though there weren’t as many opportunities for transformations and powers as I would have liked to have seen.

The animation styles are wildly varied, and it’s clear each artist put their heart and soul into giving each individual frame its own personality. If it weren’t such a massive undertaking, seeing a few episodes done in this format would be awesome. Not to mention it would be a fantastic promotional opportunity for fledgling artists to spread their wings while working on a property that means a lot to them.

Skip to the two-minute mark for where the episode begins proper, and you’ll notice that even the episode titling has been redone for this special project. It seems the animators of Sailor Moon Crystal could no doubt learn a thing or two from those who worked on Moon Animate Make-Up, given the rather dubious quality of this week’s episode introducing Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury.

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Images: Toei Animation

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