Time Warner CFO Reveals New Arkham Game to Drop in 2013

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Batman: Arkham City released last year and was fairly well-liked; however, most fans of the series seemed to agree they could user a break from it. Well, fans of the series, looks like your holiday will be delayed: Time Warner CFO John K Martin revealed that another Arkham-centric game would be released in 2013. 

You may recall that Warner Brothers registered a variety of Arkham domains in mid-January. Quite a few of them included the phrase “Arkham Universe,” so that will presumably be the title of the next installment. Does making the jump from “City” to “Universe” hint that the next game will be even more open that its predecessor? Arkham City was a little TOO big for a Batman game, so hopefully the Arkham Universe experience is a bit more streamlined. 

Here’s my big question: will Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamil reprise their roles? I know that Hamil has said in the past that Arkham City would be his swan song as The Joker, although he has hinted that he’d be up for an animated adaptation of Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke. If neither of them jumps on board, who would you like to see step in?

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