Movie Review: Iron Man 3 – the Armored Avenger’s A+ Adventure

You’d think that after 3 previous films starring the armored Avenger, the concept would get tired or the storytelling would get lazy. In a surprising move for a threequel, Iron Man 3 charges out of the gate blows away all expectations.

6 Comic Crossovers That Would Make Great Movies

Last week we took a look at 5 X-Men storylines that would make great movies, and one thing that stood out as the list was compiled was the number of amazing crossover stories that existed just with the X-Men universe. So now we’ll take a ...

Patton Oswalt Pitches Star Wars VII on Parks and Recreation

You think you’ve got big hopes and dreams for Star Wars Episode VII? So does Patton Oswalt. Okay, what you’re about to see below is actually a deleted rant from a character portrayed by comedian and actor Patton Oswalt on this ...