Michael Keaton Confirms Beetlejuice 2 Discussions

Talks of a Beetlejuice 2 seem to be warming up as Michael Keaton confirms discussions with director Tim Burton on the sequel to the terrific 1988 film. Beetlejuice is one of the best films Tim Burton ever made. Michael Keaton as an undead ...

Beetlejuice Making A Comeback After A Quarter Century?

If you say his name three times he’ll return to wreak havoc, at least that was the promise in the 1988 creeptastic comedy Beetlejuice. Sadly, fans have waited decades for the return of Tim Burton’s Master of Mayhem played masterfully ...

5 Nightmare Fetishists of Geekdom

Into creepy crawlies, gore, and ghosts? Dead things excite you? You might well be a “nightmare fetishist.”

DVD review: Beetlejuice: The Complete Animated Series

In the late 80’s world of waning; now almost obsolete, Saturday morning cartoons few animated series stood out more at the time than Beetlejuice, be it from a Goth standpoint, or simply because of its oddly unique hook. And while the self ...