Fox Debuts New Horror Tumblr Blog

Just in time for Halloween, Fox has decided to stick their toes in the tumblr waters. Don’t know what tumblr is? Well simple put, it is the home of fandoms. Movies, TV shows, actors, musicians, breakfast cereals… if you are a fan of ...

Logical Crime Stoppers: Human and Robot Detectives

Earlier this spring, we were pretty excited to see a new sci-fi show coming in from the folks who put together Fringe: Almost Human, which pairs up a human and android counterpart.

Fox Picks up Sleepy Hollow & Almost Human

Our fill of the supernatural, robots and police procedurals will be met this fall! Fox has picked up two new SF shows, which are slated to appear sometime in the 2013-2014 television season. The first is Sleepy Hollow, written by Alex Kurtzman ...