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Star Wars – George Lucas, an Independent Mogul

The Star Wars world according to George Lucas. Taken from the Star Wars Summit. Watch the complete uncensored conversation now! The story of George Lucas is a fascinating tale of a man who’s lived life on his own terms. Much like the story of ...

Remembering Return of the Jedi – 30 Years Later

In 1983, I bought a copy of Time magazine just for the exclusive first photo of Jabba the Hutt and took it to school to show it off to my geeky pals, long before the film premiered (this was wayyyy before the convenience of the internet, kids).

Abrams Says John Williams Should Score New Star Wars Flicks

Did you hear that? That was the sound of millions of Star Wars fans collectively breathing a sigh of relief. It seems that John Williams, the legendary composer of film scores like Indiana Jones, Superman, ET, Hook, and—oh yeah—Star Wars, may be ...