Iron Man

Shane Black: The Road to Iron Man 3

Last weekend Iron Man 3 opened in theaters to the tune of about $175 million domestically. That’s the second highest such opening of all time, only currently bested by its own predecessor – The Avengers.

Iron Man 3 Director to Helm Doc Savage Movie

Hot on the heels of his most recent movie breaking box office records this past weekend, Iron Man 3 director Shane Black already has his next superhero job in the bag, switching from the Man of Iron, to the Man of Bronze.

Win Some Sweet Iron Man T-Shirts Now from We Love Fine!

We love We Love Fine!  I know that sounds a little biased (and a little redundant), but it’s hard not to love them. They always seem to have a crazy big selection of the geekiest apparel out there.  And by “out there” I mean at ...

Movie Review: Iron Man 3 – the Armored Avenger’s A+ Adventure

You’d think that after 3 previous films starring the armored Avenger, the concept would get tired or the storytelling would get lazy. In a surprising move for a threequel, Iron Man 3 charges out of the gate blows away all expectations.

Joss Whedon Hints at “Brother-Sister Act” in Avengers 2

While on the red carpet for Iron Man 3 last evening in Hollywood, Joss Whedon talked to Yahoo! Movies about the status of Avengers 2, the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series, and the return of Agent Coulson. Joss confirmed that he has a first draft ...

Highlights from the Iron Man 3 Press Conference *NO SPOILERS*

After traveling the world promoting the latest chapter in the cinematic Marvel universe, the cast of Iron Man 3 came home to LA to answer questions from the domestic press pool. While we can’t give you a review just yet (curse you, ...