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Chris Pratt Surprises Kids At Guardians Of The Galaxy Screening

Can Chris Pratt get any more likable? The answer is invariably ‘Yes!’ as Pratt surprised a theater full of children after a screening of Guardian of the Galaxy. Chris Pratt showed up in New York for the early screening of his movie ...

Iron Man 3: A GEEK Blu-ray Review

Strapping in again to the suit that fires off rockets almost a quickly and heated as his wicked banter, Iron Man 3 sees another scathingly sensational performance from Robert Downey, Jr.

Robert Downey Jr is still Iron Man in Avengers 2 and 3

Marvel announced this morning that Robert Downey Jr will return to the role and armor of Tony Stark’s Iron Man for the second and third Avengers films. This is a tremendous weight off the shoulders of fanboys and girls everywhere.  This ...

Movie Review: Iron Man 3 – the Armored Avenger’s A+ Adventure

You’d think that after 3 previous films starring the armored Avenger, the concept would get tired or the storytelling would get lazy. In a surprising move for a threequel, Iron Man 3 charges out of the gate blows away all expectations.

Highlights from the Iron Man 3 Press Conference *NO SPOILERS*

After traveling the world promoting the latest chapter in the cinematic Marvel universe, the cast of Iron Man 3 came home to LA to answer questions from the domestic press pool. While we can’t give you a review just yet (curse you, ...