Torchlight II Finally Gets a Release Date

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As the great Roscoe P. Coltrain once said, “good news, good news.”

We now know the specific release date for Torchlight II, Runic Games’ long-awaited Action RPG. Earlier today, the company’s Travis Baldree revealed that the PC version would be available for purchase on Thursday, September 20. So, it will just barely meet its “Summer 2012” release date that has been listed on steam for quite some time. While nothing has been confirmed, one assumes it will also make its way to the Xbox 360 after the success the original had on the platform.

From the creators of Diablo I and Diablo II, the original Torchlight made its debut on the PC in 2009. Runic hoped to use the profits earned from the title to fund an MMO version of the game; however, after some consideration, they decided to create the Xbox 360 port and impressively larger Torchlight II first. Currently it’s unknown as to whether or not the MMO is still happening.

Torchlight II will reportedly be four times bigger than the first game, which makes its $19.99 price point quite a steal. I will be purchasing this on day one, how about you?

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