Toy Fair 2013 – Hit Mit is Table Tennis without the Table

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Who needs a table?  Table tennis (or ping-pong, if you prefer) tends to be a bit limited with the need for a table whenever you want to play a few rounds.

But with Hit Mit, you’ve got a free-form game of tennis (sans table) anywhere you go, indoors or outdoors. The Hit Mit slips over your hand like a glove, giving you two firm yet lightweight flat surfaces on either side of your hand, allowing you to smack the ball around with relative ease.  It doesn’t take long before you realize that your hand is now the paddle, with more control than you’ve ever had with a regular paddle.  They fit most any hand and provide options with finger holes on either side for better control.

hit mit inventor 300x400 Toy Fair 2013  Hit Mit is Table Tennis without the Table Created by Fredl Brodmann, the paddles are based on patented Brodmann Blades table tennis paddles that are lightweight and made of lightweight EVA foam.  They have a firm surface on either side, but barely put any weight on the hand at all.  A basic set of two paddles are sold with 3 balls for about $19.95 US and come in a handy mesh carry bag.  They also sell bigger sets for group play, because who says that only two people should play non-table tennis at once?  It becomes the perfect beach or backyard game to pick up on a whim.  Forget the table.  Play anywhere you want (Faberge Egg shops not included).

You can purchase the Hit Mit online at their official site or at select retailers.

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