Toy Fair 2013 – It’s a Whole New Game with USAopoly!

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You want a Yahzee game shaped like a TARDIS, don't you?  I can see it in your eyes.  Well, there's only one company that can give you that: USAopoly.  They're the folks that work with companies like Hasbro and Parker Bros to create specialty versions of games like Monopoly, Yahtzee, Risk, Scrabble, Jenga, and more.  They get the licenses of everything from the Hobbit to South Park to Adventure Time to Starcraft to Big Bang Theory to, of course, the good Doctor Who.  

At Toy Fair 2013 in New York City, they showed off the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Monopoly game that is currently available in the UK, but is coming to US shores very soon.  On the other side of the booth, they held the one-of-a-kind prototype for the new Wizard of Oz Monopoly game, the first ever with pop-up features in the center of the board.  

Throughout the rest of the booth, they featured an endless array of licenses ported over into the world of the board game in endlessly creative ways.  And the games aren’t always the same old games you know with some fancy labels slapped over them featuring your favorite pop culture icons.  In some variations of Risk, for example, there is an endless array of all-new game play options that go beyond the common spin, roll, and pull a card games you know.  

Considering how many options there are, it’s probably best to show you what they offer rather than just tell you.  Take a look at our gallery of photos featuring some of the new games coming to stores this year.

You can learn more about the new licenses they have to offer and where to purchase them at

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