Toy Fair 2013 – LEGO City, Castle, Creator, and More!

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There was a time when LEGO didn't have connections to every major license in the world, like Marvel Heroes, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and countless others.  Long ago, they just make building sets born out of the imaginations of their creators.  And while the licensed properties have kept the LEGO brand the top name in construction toys for decades, they offer a wide variety of uniquely branded collections that appeal to a variety of building toy fans.  No, you won't necessarily see a movie or a video game associated with these toys (not including LEGO City), but they each guarantee hours of creative constructive fun.  Here at Toy Fair 2013, LEGO gave us a sneak peek at what the coming year has to offer.

Toy Fair 2013 – LEGO Star Wars Sneak Peek
Toy Fair 2013 – LEGO Licensed – Lord of the Rings, Lone Ranger, and TMNT
Toy Fair 2013 – LEGO Legends of Chima Sneak Peek


This series has branched into a video game done in the same style as the now classic LEGO Star Wars games, but nothing beats the quality of these real world recreation sets. I wish I had a giant table and endless funds to build my own complete LEGO City, creating everything from the manholes to the monuments out of bricks.

LEGO Creator

The Creator line of LEGO toys tends to give builders the opportunity to create more detailed structures with more features at a scale that’s slightly bigger than the average building you’d find in other series. This allows features like light-up bricks, as in the Family House, to be used to great effect. They also offer multiple construction options in the same set.

LEGO Castle

LEGO gets medieval. If you’re into castles, knights, and dragons, it doesn’t get much better than this.

LEGO Galaxy Squad

With a healthy dose of Starship Troopers, but without the dogmatic winks, the Galaxy Squad pits human technology against elaborately detailed bugs in a battle to the death.

LEGO Ninjago

The fan favorite ninja-influenced series of toys builds upon its success with all-new sets for all ages.

LEGO Friends

LEGO isn’t just for boys. These sets consist of mainly pastel colored bricks set in familiar places that girls have been taking their dolls to for years, but this time they get to build them first! The most striking difference with these sets are the figures, which are not the short and blocky mini-figs we’re used to. They appear more human, but doll-like and attractive, and that’s alright. I mean, give me my mini-figs, but if it means more girls can pick up a LEGO set that will lead them into more creative play time with these characters, then I’m all for it.

LEGO Technic

Technic features much more complex models with brick styles that are often nothing like bricks at all. It’s more technical, as the name would imply, and offers greater functionality and interaction, creating fully-functioning scaled vehicles.

Mindstorm EV3

These massive technological wonders have a following all their own, combining brick building with robotics, the Mindstorm series gives high-end collectors and creators the ability to make their LEGO toys do things no common set can. The latest set includes a number of official and as yet unofficial configurations, but that never stopped anyone from building some amazingly unique machines. If you love LEGO and robots, it’s time you joined a whole new level in building toys.

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