Toy Fair 2013 – LEGO Legends of Chima Sneak Peek

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I have to admit a little bit of ignorance when it comes to this new line of LEGO toys, called the Legend of Chima.  But I know kids who are eating up this world of technologically advanced battle animals and are salivating over the chance to delve further into the exclusive world that LEGO has created.

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 If you’re wondering what the Legends of Chima are all about, just watch this video and you’ll know as much as I do.

No, maybe it’s not as cool or as “mature” as our big boy Star Wars or Lord of the Rings series, but we have to remember that toys are for kids too and I can’t think of a better looking entry point for kids wanting both building toys combined with an action adventure story anywhere else in the building block toy community. And whether I’m familiar with these characters or not due to my advanced years, I have to admit they make for some interesting sets with some compelling play options.  Check out what LEGO had to offer at this year’s Toy Fair…

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