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I grew up on these guys. Everything from Rocky and Predator to Commando and Cobra, such a large part of my youth was spent watching these 2 inflict massive amounts of violence on people and deliver questionable dialogue...and I loved every minute of it.

As they aged however, no one stepped up to claim their mantle. It appeared briefly like Vin Diesel and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson might fill in for the iconic duo, but then one too many Disney movies squashed that. Fast Five seems to have put them back on track, but they’re still a long way off. In fact, the only guy out there making ’80s caliber action flicks right now is Jason Statham, and that is probably the very reason he has co-starred next to Stallone in the Expendables movies. Still though, there is a void, and for that reason Arnold and Sly, both in their late 60s, are coming back to the silver screen – and I’m not referring to the recently released The Expendables 2 movie in which they are both featured.

640x380 spotlight pix Trailer Watch: THE LAST STAND and BULLET TO THE HEAD

Here is the duo each getting shoulder surgeries following the filming of The Expendables sequel…

Instead I’m talking about how in early 2013, both of the action icons will once again headline straight up action movies. They will do so as new characters, absent the crutch of being a sequel, without a gimmick cast surrounding them, and with major US theatrical releases.  That will mark a first for both of them in more than a decade. Last occurring for Arnold in 2002′s Collateral Damage, and Sly in 2001 with Driven.

So this coming January, we’ll see Arnold play ‘Sheriff Ray Owens’ in The Last Stand. In the movie he must stop an escaped drug kingpin from crossing the border into Mexico. Seems easy enough for a man who killed a Predator…

Set to release on January 18th of 2013, The Last Stand also features Harry Dean Stanton (Alien),  Luis Guzmán (Carlito’s Way), Jaimie Alexander (Thor), Peter Stormare (Armageddon), Johnny Knoxville (Jackass), and Forrest Whittaker (Species).

Then a few weeks after that, Stallone will star in the live-action adaptation of the graphic novel Bullet to the Head. In this one Sly plays a hitman out to avenge the death of his partner. He teams up with a cop whose partner was also slain and they proceed to kill a lot of people. Or so I assume…

This one is out February 1st and in addition to Stallone will also feature Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones), Christian Slater (Broken Arrow), Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Oz), Jon Seda (Homicide: Life on the Street), and Sung Kang (Fast Five).

If that’s not enough, later in the year the boys team up again for Escape Plan (pictured below) where they will have to hatch a prison escape. We’ll keep you updated on all of this as more becomes available…

thetombphoto Trailer Watch: THE LAST STAND and BULLET TO THE HEAD

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