Trion Worlds Launches Defiance Worldwide Today

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Trion Worlds launched Defiance to the world today, beginning the first phase of the groundbreaking transmedia storytelling project that incorporates a massively evolving game world with the Syfy Network series of the same name.

In Defiance, you and thousands of other gamers take on the role of an Ark Hunter. You scour the transformed Earth of the future, searching for valuable alien technology. The game lets you hung alone or in groups, battling bosses together or taking on other players in fierce multiplayer challenges called the Shadow War. You also have the choice to work together to take on dynamic missions in campaign mode, allowing you and your group to explore the constantly evolving world.

“We’re incredibly proud that after five years of development, we are bringing this ambitious project to life,” said Nathan Richardsson, VP of Development for Trion and Executive Producer of Defiance. “The game launch is just the beginning of a truly unique entertainment experience and, in a couple weeks’ time, you’ll be able to tune into Syfy to see the story unfold, the characters develop, and realize transmedia entertainment unlike ever before.”

Here’s the official Defiance Launch trailer:

Defiance is available now to purchase and play on Xbox 360, PS3, and Windows PCs.
Check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes story on how it all came to be.

Image: Trion Worlds

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