True Blood Season Seven Teaser: A Walk Through the Graveyard

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HBO's fan favorite vampire series True Blood is going into its final season and in front of the season premiere, they released a teaser showing just where the show is headed.

When you have a show about vampires, there is bound to be a death count. True Blood has had their share but in this first season seven teaser, a few of the more notable ones are highlighted…

… including perhaps the biggest one, the death of the show itself.

HBO is not one to miss out on a social media goldmine, like using the hashtag #WaitingSucks building up to the premiere of last year’s season six, and has announced that the “official” hashtag of True Blood season seven will be #TrueBloodForever.

With only mere months until the season premiere on June 22, expect plenty more promo material in the form of season six recaps and sneak peeks at season seven, to come down the pike, but for now, just enjoy this throw back to the earlier (and in some fans’ minds, happier) days of True Blood with one of the show’s biggest fans, Snoop Dogg.

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