UK’s Royal Mail to Release Doctor Who Postage Stamps in March

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If anyone in the United Kingdom is looking for a friend, please let me know. I officially began searching for one earlier today when I caught wind of the Royal Mail's announced that they'd be issuing a series of Doctor Who postage stamps on March 29. The only stipulation of this friendship is that the other party would need to send me at least one book of these stamps. That's not a bad deal, in my humble opinion.

Anyway, yeah, here’s some information on the stamps: Each incarnation of the Doctor will be featured on a first-class stamp. Fitting since he’s a first-class gentlemen, isn’t it? William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton – the First & Second Doctor – will appear in Black & White; the rest will be in full-color. A sheet of second-class stamps featuring the Daleks, Ood, Weeping Angels and Cybermen will also be issued that includes a first-class TARDIS stamp.

Feeling lucky? If so, surf over to the Royal Mail’s website and register for a chance to win a set of the Doctor Who stamps. If you don’t wish to try your luck, you may also pre-order a set of the stamps from the website.

(thanks for the tip, Jonah)

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