Ultimate E – You can now own the biggest starship Enterprise model ever

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// There have been a lot of model kits based on the U.S.S. Enterprise as seen in the classic Star Trek — a LOT. They’ve ranged in size anywhere from 6" to 22" and have been produced by model kit companies including AMT (which made the original 18" Enterprise model in the late 1960s, which is still the highest-selling model kit ever made), ERTL, Revell/Germany and Polar Lights, which is a division of Round 2.

The biggest collectible version of the Enterprise made thus far (and seen in last issue’s special “Starship Smackdown” pullout poster) was a 33″, $1,100 reproduction made by Master Replicas in 2006. It featured a metal interior support armature and an amazing replication of the original 11’ Enterprise miniature’s interior lighting, right down to the rotating, pulsating warp engine glow.

ultimate e profile 300x155 Ultimate E  You can now own the biggest starship Enterprise model ever Collectors who weren’t independently wealthy could only dream of possessing an Enterprise that large — until now. After several years of fanboy clamor, Polar Lights (which has put out a 34″ model of the Enterprise “refit” from Star Trek: The Motion Picture; also featured in last issue’s poster) has put a 33″ 1/350 scale classic Enterprise on its front burner and the kit should be out around the time you read this.

Some time ago, illustrator and Trek expert Gary Kerr heavily researched the original 11′ special effects miniature of the Enterprise that now resides at the Smithsonian Institution. His research helped model maker Greg Jein re-create the Enterprise for the 1996 Deep Space Nine episode “Trials and Tribble-ations” and Kerr also consulted on the CG re-creation of the Enterprise for the remastered episodes of the original Trek. Kerr worked over the years to make his own blueprints of the starship, with assistance from William McCullars, Greg Jein, and the late Richard Datin, who supervised the construction of the original 11′ Enterprise model for the Star Trek series in 1964.

Kerr used all his research to assist Round 2 in making its giant new Enterprise painstakingly accurate. “The Polar Lights kit represents the culmination of my years of blueprinting this iconic spaceship,” Kerr says. “I have to commend Jamie Hood at Polar Lights for going the extra mile to ensure that the model is as accurate as possible and to make sure that the customer gets the most bang for his or her buck. Mike Anderson and James Small helped design the model’s internal structure so it wouldn’t sag or fall apart, and they made sure that all the blinking lights worked properly.”

Kerr says his work involved many, many detail drawings (some shown here), endless correspondence and the mixing of many quarts of paint. And one more thing: “I needed a little bit of Doctor Who’s T.A.R.D.I.S. technology to get the hangar deck, almost twice the size of the available space, to fit inside the model.”

ultimate e dimetrodon model kit 150x150 Ultimate E  You can now own the biggest starship Enterprise model ever Dimetrodon Model Kit
// Artist David Silva has created a line of ridiculously detailed, dynamically posed dinosaurs — but you have to come up with the appropriate paintjob. Translucent sail piece and large mossy rock base included. – $190 creative-beast.com

ultimate e shield helicarrier 150x150 Ultimate E  You can now own the biggest starship Enterprise model ever S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier
// Earth’s mightiest heroes need earth’s most amazing vehicle! Countless fans lugged a Comic-Con exclusive edition of this massive, 3′ toy through the main hall this year, but now you can order it online! It’s the largest Marvel vehicle ever created by Hasbro, with space for more than 30 3.75″ Marvel action figures.
(Sold separately, natch.) -$80 hasbro.com

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