Ultra Street Fighter 4: A GEEK Video Game Review

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Another year, another Street Fighter update. Ultra Street Fighter 4 is the latest in a long line of rereleases, upgrades, remasters and remakes of the Street Fighter franchise.

Don’t take that statement as a snide remark against Capcom’s business practices. Ever since the initial launch of Street Fighter 4, Capcom and its development team have done right by the fighting game community with added characters, stages, balances and so much more. 2014 has arrived with another update in digital and physical form – Ultra Street Fighter 4.

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Ultra Street Fighter 4 is actually a pretty substantial upgrade that’s perfectly suited to hardcore fighting game veterans. At face value, the game adds five new fighters to the official roster and provides players with six new stages to battle on. The addition of Street Fighter and Final Fight mainstays makes this total package worth a purchase. Elena makes her return and provides a fun play style while Poison, Hugo and Rolento fill out the Final Fight appearances for the game.

Decapre still seems like a waste of a ‘new’ character, but you’ll quickly get over that fact due to her fun mix-up of Cammy’s maneuvers and charge-up specials. While these additions are all fun to play with, true Streef Fighter fans will be disappointed with the lack of series favorites like Alex or even Q. The new stages look great, which comes as no surprise. The only problem is they’ve simply been brought over from Street Fighter X Tekken.

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The changes that truly make a difference in Ultra are all the character balance refinements and added battle mechanics. Each character receives the appropriate amount of changes to their strengths and weaknesses, which gives hardcore players new methods to learn and understand. The “Ultra Combo Double” addition changes things up dramatically for some characters and mixes up the game plan of some of the more underrated combatants. For serious Zangief and Rose players, this new mechanic comes as a blessing. The “Red Focus Attack” gives players more opportunities to make epic comebacks and create new combo strings, while the “Delayed Standing” mechanic helps players deal with their more rush-down centric rivals.

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The entire Ultra package is worth investing in for both newbies and longtime fans alike. The physical disc comes with every DLC costume pack ever released for the game, plus the already quality SF4 gameplay still holds up after all these years. While it’s clearly evident that Capcom merely ported off assets from Street Fighter X Tekken, those some assets do a good job of freshening up such a great game.

Ultra is the ultimate upgrade that’s worth downloading or purchasing SF4 for once again.

Rating: 80%

Image: Capcom

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