Valve Bringing Steam to Linux

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Valve recently launched a Linux Blog to let folks know that they’re porting their Steam client to the Ubuntu version of the OS. Depending upon their success on that platform, they might move to other versions.

The projects goal, as stated on the blog, is to bring a “fully-featured” Steam client to the system running on Ubuntu 12.04, the latest stable version of the OS. A port of Left 4 Dead 2 was created for testing purposes; they now have it running natively and hope to eventually the performance quality of the game on a Windows machine. They hope a “community of game developers” will form around their new client and collaborate on ideas. Could this mean they’ll be opening things up here more than on their other versions? It would be fantastic to see some of the higher quality games currently available on the Ubuntu store find their way to Steam.

This news means more gamers will likely consider migrating to Ubuntu. If you are Linux-curious, but reluctant to deal with portioning your hard drive, I suggest giving the Windows Linux Installer a try. It both installs and uninstalls like a normal Windows program; when it’s on your machine, you’re prompted to choose Windows or Ubuntu on boot. It’s an easy way to check out the platform for those of us with commitment issues.

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