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From the people who brought you "Dirty Laundry" (the best Punisher film EVER), comes the story of Eddie Brock, a sleazy journalist walking the mean streets of New York City in 1984.

Captured on black and white film by a French documentary crew, Brock (True Blood‘s Ryan Kwanten) gives the filmmakers the inside scoop on life in the big city, showing them how to snag the big stories and gain access to places other journalists don’t dare go.

But why is this worth mentioning? Well, if you don’t already know, Eddie Brock is the alter ego of the original Venom, Spider-Man’s longtime foe. This faux documentary fills in the gaps between the panels around the time of the character’s debut in Marvel comics, with plenty of verbal nods to that effect peppered throughout the 17 minute video.

And be sure to stick around after the credits for a pseudo-crossover that might hint at the crew’s next Marvelesque project in the Adi Shankar Brand “Bootleg Universe” series.

Starring Ryan Kwanten
Written & Directed by Joe Lynch
Produced by Adi Shankar & Sam Balcomb

And in case you haven’t ever seen “Dirty Laundry”, here’s your chance to check it out (starring Thomas Jane, one of the actual cinematic Punishers!)

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