Veronica Mars Movie Release Date Announced with New Clip!

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Happy news day Marshmallows! That's right, we now have a release date for the long awaited Veronica Mars movie. Not only that, but a new clip from the movie as well!

It seems like just yesterday news of what would ultimately become one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever, spread across the internet like wildfire. Now the film has reached the post production stage and even has a release date. They grow up so fast.

Guys of VM 600x245 Veronica Mars Movie Release Date Announced with New Clip!

In what seems like the fastest timeline ever, the film version of the ‘cut down in its prime’ television series starring Kristen Bell, will open on March 14, 2014, a year and a day since the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter campaign went live.

In talking with Entertainment Weekly, Rob Thomas had the following to say about the way he and the rest of the team behind Veronica Mars (the film is titled the same as the TV series) went about making the film.

There are smart ways to do a movie of this size – and we chose none of them. We are a low budget movie with big set pieces and 60 speaking roles. A murder mystery in a house would have been more cost effective. But I think we have managed to pull it off.

Thankfully, the idea to have an initial limited release in select cities has been dropped. Instead, the film’s distributer, Warner Bros., will opt for a nationwide release on March 14. Joining Veronica Mars that weekend is the Elizabeth Banks/James Marsden comedy, Walk of Shame and Nicole Kidman’s drama, Grace of Monaco.

In addition to the release date announcement, a new clip of Veronica Mars was released.

The trio of Mac, Veronica, and Wallace are back together! All returning, as Mac so aptly put it, to take their “victory laps” around their Neptune High (Pirates Ahoy!) ten year reunion. No Logan, Weevil, or Dick sightings, but the clip does give us the first reunion between Veronica and Madison that we know from the trailer, ends like this.

Veronica Mars slap1 Veronica Mars Movie Release Date Announced with New Clip!

So what do you think of this new clip? Excited to be back at Neptune High with the teen detective, all grown up? Have your March 14 plans been made already?

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