Vertical City Proposed For London

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If architects have their way, the future of housing may take shape in a self-contained vertical city.

Proposed by SURE Architecture, this 300m skyscraper would be a self-contained city that meets the needs of future populations. Combining housing with things such as offices, shops, and even parks, the tower would act as its own vertical ecosystem. Ramps would connect different sections of the tower, allowing tenants to go grocery shopping or see a movie without ever having to leave the comfort of the tower itself.

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Designed with sustainability in mind, the project aims to “maximize passive energy and reduce artificial light, cooling and heating needs.” Indeed, the building is designed with an open center, which as you can see in the pictures, allows sunlight to enter and light the buildings interior.

Having already won awards for the design at an international Skyskrapers and SuperSkyScrapers competition, SURE Architecture has designed the tower in an effort to stop dense cities from spreading outwards. As the world begins to face issues due to lack of available land and booming populations, the logical solution is to build up. And at 300m, this tower would rival London’s current tallest, The Shard.

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We’ve already seen designs like this pop up in China, as it is projected that by 2050 three-quarters of the world’s population will live in cities. If we continue using China as an example, only 13% of their population lived in cities in 1950, while today, that number stands at a staggering 60%. This continued growth will of course put massive demands on energy and water needs, which makes these eco-conscious towers all the more important. If we can build upwards instead of outwards, it will be better for both our peoples and our planet. Who knows, maybe I’ll be retiring in one of these mega towers.

Images: SURE Architecture

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