Villains Month is Taking Over the New 52!

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If you are a weekly follower of DC Comics than you already know that Villains Month is here and taking over the New 52!

For those still curious, Villains Month will feature 52 titles that have been taken over by members of our heroes rogues gallery for one issue only! This means that Joker takes over Batman, Darkseid takes over the Justice League, and Killer Moth… well, there is no Killer Moth issue. Let’s be real, here.

Who else can you expect to make an appearance in your favorite titles this month?

dc comics villain month checklist Villains Month is Taking Over the New 52!

Some of these issues offer our first look at new arrivals to the New 52, such as Bizarro, Joker’s Daughter (despite a one page appearance in Catwoman #23), Doomsday, The Creeper, the new Lobo, and more! Definitely a number of great one-shots to check out covering new and old villains of the New 52.

This month also marks the start of Forever Evil, which will add 4 more issues to Villains Month and take a look at the worst the New 52 has to offer. Forever Evil will see the recently arrived Crime Syndicate of America (they appeared in the finale of Trinity War) as they continue their hostile takeover of Earth. This puts them into contention with not only the heroes of the New 52, but the villains who don’t take too kindly to the evil counterparts of the League stepping all over thier turf.

Forever Evil will also feature a huge role for Dick Grayson/ Nightwing, which may or may not end in tragedy, when considering this ominous teaser:

forever evil nightwing teaser Villains Month is Taking Over the New 52!

Of course they could just be teasing the return of his blue logo, if we want to stay hopeful. This isn’t the first time Grayson has almost met an untimely end, as he was supposed to die during Infinite Crisis, which was later switched to kill Superboy instead. Fans of the Bat family might no be able to handle the loss of another Robin so soon, but we’ll have to wait and see, Forever Evil is set to have serious ramifications on the New 52 universe, and it all begins during Villains Month!

What do you think of DC’s September events? Excited for Villains Month and the return of the Crime Syndicate? Tired of gimmicks and crossovers? Let us know in the comments section below!

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