Warner Bros. Moves Dawn of Justice, Announces 9 More Release Dates

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Seemingly in response to recent moves by Marvel Studios, Warner Bros. has solidified their DC slate of release dates, resulting in a new release date for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice!

While some might be disappointed that we won’t be seeing a showdown between Marvel and DC Film properties, as expected WB has moved Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice from its former release date of May 6, 2016, which it shared with the third Captain America film. Dawn of Justice will now release on March 25, 2016, and is set to kick off Easter holiday weekend in style. This still seems like an incredibly long wait for the film, but hopefully it will give Snyder and his team enough time to make sure this film is done right.

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Warner Bros. Moves Dawn of Justice, Announces 9 More Release Dates

Shortly following the release date shift, WB announced a further nine release dates through 2020, as well as two ‘event’ films that may or may not be DC related. This announcement comes on the heels of a similar move from Marvel Studios, who announced their release dates up through 2019 recently, without any clarification on what these films will be.

The new WB release dates are as follows:

- August 5, 2016
- June 23, 2017
- November 17, 2017
- March 23, 2018
- July 27, 2018
- April 5, 2019
- June 14, 2019
- April 3, 2020
- June 19, 2020

It looks like we will be getting two films a year for the foreseeable future, along with the ‘event’ films slated for November 16, 2018 and November 20, 2020. We can assume that Justice League will be either the last date in 2016 or the first in 2017, which would throw some weight to the rumors that Snyder and his crew will be filming Dawn of Justice and Justice League back to back. As for the rest of the films, we already took a look at 10 films DC has previously ‘announced’ which could fill up a few of these spots. 

Shazam in the New 52 Warner Bros. Moves Dawn of Justice, Announces 9 More Release Dates

We have also heard rumors and repetitive teases from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson about his possible role with a Shazam film, though nothing has been officially announced by Warner Bros. yet. We’ve seen Marvel Studios playing coy with upcoming releases as well, but we can’t help but feel that DC and Warner would gain some traction for their DC films with an official confirmation of 1-2 films in the works besides Dawn of Justice and Justice League, if only to appease some of the fans waiting patiently for any news at all.

What do you think? Are you tired of hearing of release dates without any film announcements? Surprised to see DC step back from their confrontation with Marvel Studios? Sound off in the omments section below or join the discussion on the GEEK Facebook page!

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