Warner Bros. Rumored Film Slate Plus We Might Have an Aquaman!

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It's no secret that Marvel is embarking on cinematic world building, and thus far they've been successful. But as possibly rumored this week, Warner Brothers will be vying for box office glory with Justice League, Wonder Woman and a slew of other DC heroes slated for future release.

wwonman Warner Bros. Rumored Film Slate Plus We Might Have an Aquaman!

Warner Brothers has been teasing DC world building since the release of Man of Steel, so this news isn’t all that shocking, but by Themyscira are we thrilled about a possible Wonder Woman solo film! Gal Gadot will definitely have to earn her stripes, but this is a big step in the right direction. Additionally a Green Lantern/Flash co-op film, and of course a Justice League film has been teased as well. While the details are still unknown about the upcoming projects, San Diego Comic Con is rapidly approaching and we’re sure there’ll be plenty more unearthed at the panels.

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The inception of the DC cinematic universe will start with the recently announced Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (May 2016) which will presumably lead the franchise to the Shazam film later that year (July 2016) tying in with the Justice League (May 2017), and eventually the Wonder Woman film slated for a July 2017 release. If you’ve haven’t grasped, that’s a pretty big epic deal. Considering the skirmishes both Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern (Reynolds has committed a capital offense by desecrating two beloved superheroes) experienced on silver and big screen, this could finally be DC’s chance to go toe-to-toe with Marvel at the box office.

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Also added to the rumored slate was Joseph Gordon Levitt’s Sandman production, scheduled for the 2016 Christmas season while the end of 2017 would see the Green Lantern/Flash team up film. By that time, DC’s ongoing television series such as Constantine and Flash will be up and running – which begs us to consider the introduction of the merging of both silver and big screen characters. Certainly we’d love to see Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow next to Cavill’s Superman and Affleck’s Batman (or at least some of us would…). The dynamic could be amazing, and give Marvel some healthy competition at the box office.

And just when I was going to be the quintessential  fanboy and ask, ” Where the hell is Aquaman?!” –  freshly speculated news suggests that we’ll see Khal Drogo (or Jason Momoa for you non-Game of Thrones viewers) in the role as the Atlantean King in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. More than likely he’ll make a cameo appearance, and then find himself in the Justice League film. We can barely – I mean I can barely contain myself at the moment. We will still chalk this up as a rumor despite Hitfix’s apparent confirmation of the casting:

“Hitfix can confirm that he will be playing the part, and that Zack Snyder has already finalized his designs for the character so shooting can take place soon.”

Desktop66 600x375 Warner Bros. Rumored Film Slate Plus We Might Have an Aquaman!

We’re pretty big Marvel fans here, but we’d be foolish not to acknowledge that part of Marvel’s booming cinematic success is due to the lack of worthy box office competition. We got a taste of that when 2013′s Man of Steel debuted, and the son of Krypton soared with a $128 million box office debut. Clearly the fans are willing and ready to support.

So be sure to stay tuned to Geek as we bring you the latest Warner Brothers/DC/Justice League news and await confirmation on this rumored film slate that would see 7 movies released in only 2 years.

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