Watch Bungie’s 12 minute Destiny E3 Gameplay Walkthrough Now!

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Last month during E3, we got our first look at the amazing looking Destiny game from Bungie, the people who brought us the original Halo games on the Xbox 360.

And now the gameplay footage that they first revealed at that show is available for the general public at last. The landscape, structures, and characters all look gorgeous. Once inside the wall, the lighting, even in the darkest places, is beautifully rendered. My only complaint is that the demo players that we can hear talking about the game just sound a little stiff and scripted. Of course, it’s not a knock on Destiny, because those voices are not a part of the game itself, but I just don’t think I’ve ever heard such an amicable and relaxed multiplayer conversation in my life. Sure, it wouldn’t exactly make sense to throw in the usual profanity and trash talk you’d get from a pair of surly, Mountain Dewed-up and jerkied hardcore gamers on their 19th straight hour of gameplay, but it would have felt more real. Darla and Joe are just so… nice.

Regardless, the 12 minute video below is worth checking out just to get a feel for the next big gaming obsession that will overtake your life next year.

Watch for Destiny to likely appear on consoles in 2014.

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