Watch the 1st Trailer for Thor: The Dark World

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The God of Thunder has returned, but just long enough to stop some kids from levitating trucks and to pick up his estranged girlfriend before heading back to Asgard.

Donning a cape redder and flowier than Superman’s, Chris Hemsworth wades into battle once again as Thor, battling creatures from the dark time from before the birth of the universe (or at least that’s how Anthony Hopkins aka Odin tells it). Before getting whisked away to Asgard, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and her team seem to be working in London when a floating stalactite starts cutting up the English countryside. We’re betting that Kat Dennings will make at least one Harry Potter joke before she disappears for the rest of the film.

(Yes, that’s the UK trailer. We’ll swap it with the US upload as soon as Marvel puts it in place. At least it’s official and won’t get taken down.
Of course, you could always go to the official iTunes Movie Trailers site, where it officially made its debut this morning.)

Of course, you can’t have Thor without Loki, so when the chips are down, what’s a Thunder God to do? Bust his brother out of jail. Looks like the making of a great Buddy God movie.

Thor: the Dark World arrives in theaters November 8, 2013. You can expect to see this trailer attached to Iron Man 3, in US theaters May 3rd.

Image: Marvel

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