We Watch the 2nd Iron Man 3 Trailer (and tear it apart)!

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Wow. There's a lot going on in this trailer, much of which we haven't seen before beyond the destruction of Tony's Malibu home. But it only takes an eagle-eyed Iron Man fan to pick up on lots of clues to what this film is all about.

I’ve said this before: These trailers can be great and they can be horrible at the same time. By just piecing together all the little pieces, we can pretty much build out what we believe the story arc will offer us, which is sad, because I would rather experience the film completely raw rather than be able to figure out most of the plot from a 3 minute clip reel. But who am I kidding? If I didn’t want to see this trailer, I wouldn’t have clicked PLAY. Now it’s your turn…

Here’s just a few observations that may or may not be correct. Do not read any further if you don’t want to be potentially spoiled on what MIGHT happen in the film. These are all guesses based on what’s presented in the film and my knowledge of the Iron Man comic mythos.

  • We see and hear more Mandarin and we get the idea that he’s a terrorist out to ruin Tony’s life. It’s personal. Also, he must not like the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood very much (even though TCL, a Chinese electronics company, is a financial backer on the film).
  • William Sadler appears to be the president or another big elected official who is out to stop terrorism, specifically the Mandarin. This gets him support in the form of a red white and blue War Machine aka Rhodey aka Iron Patriot.
  • Guy Pierce appears to be a PR agent or someone attempting to advise Tony in how to handle the destruction that’s potentially happening because of the Mandarin’s issues with Iron Man.
  • Tony seems to have the remote controlled armor in play, but it doesn’t seem to help him too much as every other armor gets blown up in the process.
  • A big set piece appears to be at a shipping yard and both Tony and Rhodey appear to be armorless. Then this happens…
  • Scores of other armored people show up. Were they built by Tony? And even though he refers to them as his “boys”, are they on his side or out to gun him down? From the scene where he jumps on the back of on high flier, I’m thinking not. But it’s cut in such a way that there’s no way to tell one way or the other.
  • Tony is out for revenge. There’s only one thing that could possibly bring him to that point: the death of Pepper. Or, at least, believing that Pepper is dead. Of course, the fact that she is apparently in her underwear at the shipping yard scene that can only really be a third act scene, means she’s alive. And considering she looks like she’s been jacked into the same apparatus that the other potential armored soldiers are placed into when they’re armored up means we could see the first appearance of armored Pepper aka Emergency!

    All we know is that we can’t wait to see the film, even if all our guesses are right.

    So what do YOU think? Any details we missed? Does this trailer give you a good or bad feeling about what’s to come in the new film? And should trailers be giving up this many potential plot points?

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