Watch the First 4 Minutes of the “Warm Bodies” Movie Now!

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Just because it's coming from Summit Pictures doesn't mean that Warm Bodies will be doing to zombies what Twilight did to vampires. Yes, there's a romance at the center of it all, but from all indications, we're looking at a horror comedy here, not a drippy all-too-serious teen romanti-mope-fest. Based on the novel by Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies tells the story of a man who died way too young as the result of a zombie virus outbreak. But when he meets a very much alive young woman, something impossible stirs inside him and he begins to come alive.

We talked to writer Isaac Marion in the latest issue of Geek magazine (#4 on shelves now!) and learned a lot about his take on the major motion picture adaptation. In fact, in the digital edition found on the iPad, Isaac gives us his take on specific scenes from the film through audio commentary clips exclusive to Geek magazine.

But until the film arrives in theaters February 1st, 2013, here’s your chance to watch the first 4 minutes of the film from your computer, courtesy of

While you’re here, why not check out the 2nd Warm Bodies trailer?

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