Watch the Starship Smackdown Video from San Diego Comic-Con 2012

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If you've gotten your hands on the 2nd issue of Geek Magazine, no doubt you've marveled at the extremely cool Starship Smackdown poster tucked inside. Between the scaled comparisons of editor Jeff Bond's stunning collection of model starships and the detailed bits of information on each ship listed on the back, it couldn't possibly get better for a hardcore starship fan, right?

You couldn’t be more wrong. If you’ve downloaded our special edition of Geek #2 for the iPad and you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent hours spinning the 360 degree views of most of the ships included in the poster, meticulously photographed from all sides by Jay Holben.

But, to be honest, neither of these beautifully formatted pieces of (I’m going to call them ‘art’) art really has any kind of actual smackdowns happening between said starships. That’s where the following video comes in. Every year at San Diego Comic-Con, a group of experts and fans gather in a smallish room to plead their case for the best ship in the galaxy. This year, the folks at Comic-Con gave the Smackdowners(?) a bigger room than ever before and a sweet Sunday afternoon slot (no competition), which drew the biggest and most enthusiastic crowd they’ve ever had. The panel was blown away when renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson stepped to the floor mic to eloquently argue his case for the ship he considered to be the best of the bunch. No, it was not a cheap stunt. It was a genuine surprise to everyone in attendance to have him attend as just another fan.
Here’s that clip:

Admittedly, the whole idea of grown men and women arguing over which starship would beat which starship in an interstellar smackdown sounds a little bit like something only the basement-dwelling elite would find interesting, but we think you’ll find this discussion immensely fun and entertaining. Featuring a collection of creative voices from the world of science fiction tv and film (Thor/X-Men First Class writer Ashley E Miller, Free Enterprise director Robert Meyer Burnett, Red Star creator Chris Gossett, Star Wars: the Clone Wars writer Steve Melching, former Twilight Zone writer Kay Reindl, and resident Star Trek expert and owner of the pictured starship models Jeff Bond) and moderated by Geek’s own Mark Altman (Necessary Roughness, Femme Fatales, Free Enterprise, Castle), the panel turned into a hotly-debated yet surprisingly light-hearted, laugh-a-minute free-for-all as the battle crossed all genres and schools of thought to crown the ultimate Starship Smackdown winner (sorry for all the hyphens).

What you can watch below is the almost complete version of the panel as it happened last July. Unfortunately, the video cut out just before the end, but we do provide a wrap up that tells you which ship reigned victorious against all attacks, captained by… well, one of the last people you’d ever see commanding a starship.

Please note that the video contains adult themes and an Orion Slave Girl working the brackets.

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